How does it work?

Breakage during the night typically occurs due to high amounts of friction – in other words, your eyelashes rubbing against your pillow or arm.

The Silk Contour Eyemask has been designed to reduce friction as much as possible.

The contours create space between your eye area and any surfaces, preventing them from rubbing against one another and therefore reducing friction.

The eyemask is made of silk, which is a very low-friction material, so even if your eyelashes do come into contact with it, friction is still very low.

Because silk is probably a lower-friction material than your pillow, our eyemask can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area!

How will I use it?

Just wear the eyemask at night while you sleep.

It has the added benefit of blocking light and preventing fine lines.

It’s as simple as that!