How does it work?

The Growth Serum contains bimatoprost, which is part of a class of biological molecules called prostaglandins.

These are a bit like hormones – a signal that your body uses to increase the growth of your eyelashes.

This signal mimics the body’s internal messaging pathways telling it to grow your eyelashes more. As a result, your eyelashes grow for a longer period of time, resulting in thicker, stronger, and longer lashes.

How does that work?

To be technical about it, your eyelashes grow in a cycle. This cycle has three phases:

  • Anagen (active growth phase)
  • Catagen (transition phase)
  • Telogen (resting phase)

The active ingredient of MyLash Growth Serum extends the anagen phase.

This means your eyelashes grow for an increased period of time, making them stronger, thicker, and fuller.

The treatment also increases melanin production. Melanin is the dark pigment in hair and skin, and increasing melanin production in the eyelashes makes them darker and easier to see.

Do other eyelash serums work the same way?

Not really.

Many other eyelash serums contain untested synthetic prostaglandins. Synthetic prostaglandins found in other eyelash serums include:

  • Isopropyl cloprostenate (UKlash, Rapidlash)
  • Dechloro dihydroxy difluoro ethylcloprostenolamide (RevitaLash)
  • Isopropyl phenyl hydroxypentane
  • Dihydroxy cyclopentyl heptane

None of these have been subjected to the safety testing required for drugs, even though they contain physiologically active ingredients.

How come companies can sell untested eye products?

Because these eyelash serums are sold as cosmetic products, the only testing processes they need to go through are stability testing and microbial testing. This might be fine for something being applied to the waterproof skin barrier, but for your eyes it is very dangerous. We do not recommend using an untested serum on your eyes.

Bimatoprost, the prostaglandin in the MyLash Growth Treatment, has undergone extensive safety testing and clinical trials.

Why are companies selling untested products?

There are loads of reasons why many well-known eyelash serums include untested, unproven chemicals in their products.

The main reason, aside from the fact that it’s way cheaper, is down to a funny quirk of the law:

Once an active ingredient has been tested for safety and proven to work, it cannot be advertised.

That’s also why you probably haven’t heard of us. Ironic, we know.

We think it’s unethical to sell untested, unproven chemicals. Part of our mission is to educate people on what they might be putting into their body.

How can you tell if a serum is untested or unproven?

They have to be careful about the claims they make.

Because other formulas have not undergone the relevant clinical trials, they are legally banned from claiming to ‘grow’ your eyelashes.

Instead, what you’ll find is they claim to ‘enhance the appearance‘ of your eyelashes, or ‘unlock’ new growth or ‘potential’. Go ahead and check – if you’re considering buying another eyelash treatment, check their website to see if they actually promise growth. They can’t, because it hasn’t actually been proven. Moreover, their products will not have undergone the rigorous safety testing required for FDA approval. We do not recommend applying untested products on your eye area.

So why MyLash?

In our view, MyLash is the only choice:

  • Clinically proven
  • Clinically safe
  • Transparent about what we do

Don’t take a chance with your eyes. If you want to grow your eyelashes longer, choose a proven, tested technology that is shown to be safe.