“The result is absolutely phenomenal.”

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Mylash Growth Treatment is the only UK treatment that is clinically-proven to grow your lashes. Our customers get results, and stay with us.

“We’ve been using it for almost a year and we’re hooked.”

“The best results come courtesy of MyLash. There really are no downsides.”

Recommended by Grazia
Recommended by Marie Claire

“I saw a huge difference after about two and a half months. That’s when the compliments starting pouring in. It’s a little miracle.”

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Mylash reviews from 3 of our most loyal customers.


I used to get eyelash extensions as my lashes were sparse then I read an article about Mylash! Since then I’ve been using Mylash for over ten years and the results have been amazing. It really does work. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost all my hair including all my lashes after chemotherapy. The support from the team and a lovely message from Dr Tom Walker helped me immensely and thanks to this product my upper and lower lashes are back to an amazing length and no more artificial ones


I have been using Mylash for approximately 10 years. This product really works, but you do need to follow the advice which suggests daily application for at least 4 months, then an every-other-day application to maintain results. My natural lash propensity is for fairly short growth, but with Mylash they are definitely longer and fuller. I would recommend; it is an expensive product but I think it’s worth it.


My beautician friend introduced me to Mylash a few years ago and I’ve been a regular user of the product since then. I noticed an improvement of my lashes just a couple of weeks after using the product, gaining fullness. People often ask me if I’m wearing a very good Eyelash extensions. I love the natural result, it’s so easy to use and this small bottle lasts absolutely ages! I can’t imagine myself without Mylash.