The experts in lash care

MyLash was founded by Dr Tom Walker, an expert in lash and eye care. Our growth treatment was developed as a medical product, meaning it’s save, effective and well-regulated

A note from our founder

Dr Tom Walker

I’m Dr Tom Walker. I live in Scotland with my wife, kids, five dogs and thirteen chickens. I’m also an expert on lash care, and on eye health and beauty, and I’m the founder of Mylash. 

It was during a plastic surgery rotation that I first became interested in the eye, and in safe and proven beauty enhancement practices.

The surgeons I trained with were frustrated at the rise in untrained practitioners unsafely injecting dangerous and powerful medicines, like Botox. I responded by founding a company to match brilliant, reputable surgeons with patients seeking treatment, so that they could be administered in safety. 

The creation of Mylash

I turned my attention to similar low-touch, safe and reputable treatments for the eye, and found the medical treatment that became the basis of Mylash. The FDA had already approved the treatment, and it had been through rigorous clinical trials. This meant that it was both safe and effective at growing eyelashes.

17 years later, safety and efficacy are still my priorities. I want all Mylash customers to understand the low risks involved, and to use the treatment safely. I know they’ll get results.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Excellent product.

I have been using Mylash for over ten years and can unreservedly recommend. I have tried cheaper versions but they are no comparison. My lashes are thin and sparse and this helps restore them to their healthiest optimum. Important to continue with regular use for optimum benefit.

23 May 2023

Mrs Hannay Klein

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Works really well making my lashes long and darker

I’ve been using Mylash for some years now with great success. My lashes are really long and thicker. I stopped for a few months and my lashes went back to their original state, but have returned to their luscious state now I have started using it again.

06 July 2023

Anna Borg