Can Latisse be used for eyebrows?

Yes! Latisse can be used for eyebrows and we have helped a lot of people grow thicker eyebrows using the treatment.

How does Latisse work on eyebrows?

Research has shown that Latisse works just as effectively on eyebrows as it does on eyelashes, which it was originally used for. It soaks into the hair follicle in the same way and stimulates the hair to grow longer, thicker and darker. In our experience we have found that eyebrow hairs tend to grow faster than eyelashes so you should notice the difference sooner.

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Who are Mylash?

We have been proudly assisting our clients to achieve luscious, voluminous eyebrows and eyelashes since we started our business in 2007. We have grown a loyal clientele who have had remarkable results with our prescription-strength treatments.

At Mylash, we understand the significance of having the best eyebrows and eyelashes that you can grow, and we are here to support you every step of the way. With our convenient online service, you can now have the transformative treatment delivered directly to your doorstep, all while being under the vigilant supervision of doctors based in the UK.

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Dr Tom Walker

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The most common questions about using Latisse on eyebrows

Can Latisse be used on eyebrows?

Yes. We have had thousands of clients use the treatment on their eyebrows and there is now a growing body of medical literature. Independent clinical studies have been carried out which show that Latisse works well for eyebrow growth.

How do you use Latisse on eyebrows?

We have found the perfect applicator. It has taken years of experiments, trying many different brushes and applicators, but we are confident that we have the best applicator to use. The aim is to apply the right amount of liquid to the skin at the base of the hair that you want to stimulate. By using the right amount at the right location you will get the best results and we provide advice to get those results.

Can you use Latisse on eyebrows that have been overplucked?

Yes! There are two ways that this can really help you. Applying the treatment to a normal eyebrow hair will kick start the growth cycle and stimulate it to grow longer than it would naturally. The second way it helps is by transforming vellus hairs. These are the tiny hairs found all over the body except the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. Some people refer to these hairs as peach fuzz. Studies have shown that these hairs can be transformed to become thicker and darker with this treatment. In our experience this is often enough to thicken up a brow that has been overplucked in the past and has thinned a great deal.

What results can I expect with Latisse for eyebrows?

This is a tricky outcome to quantify. For FDA approval in America they measured average eyelash growth of 106% thicker, 25% longer and 18% darker. There have not been any studies that have measured the average results for eyebrows as precisely. We do know that clients are usually very satisfied with the results that they achieve.

When would I start to see results from using Latisse on my eyebrows?

We have found that most clients notice results within four weeks but the best results take 12 to 14 weeks to come through. This is the time required to allow your eyebrows to go through the growth phase of their hair cycle.Lumigan hair growth anagen

What happens to my eyebrows if I stop Latisse?

If you stop the treatment then your eyebrows would slowly return to their original state over a period of 3 to 4 months.

How does using Latisse for eyebrows compare to other brow serums?

This is the strongest serum that is available and it can really grow your eyebrows. Most serums will condition the hair to give ‘longer looking’ eyebrows but this will cause your eyebrows to grow.

Can I buy this without a doctor?

No. We ask you to complete our medical form which is reviewed by a UK doctor. Most people can use the treatment but if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have a serious eye problem, then we would not offer this for you. This is a powerful treatment and we want it to only be used safely.

Does Latisse work on eyebrows that have been tattooed?

Yes. Latisse is water based and will absorb into the skin. If you have recently had a semi-permanent tattoo applied to the eyebrow then we would recommend waiting at least six weeks to allow complete healing and we are happy to provide detailed advice to our clients.

What is the active ingredient in Latisse?

The active ingredient is bimatoprost at a 0.03% concentration

Where can I buy Latisse for eyebrow growth?

Mylash can provide you with everything you need to start growing you eyebrows.

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