Can I buy Latisse in the UK? Yes!

Mylash are the eyelash growth experts and we will help you grow your eyelashes with the Latisse eyelash serum. If you are looking to buy Latisse then we are the experts in the UK.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is the American brand name for a solution of 0.03 mg/ml bimatoprost. In the UK, Mylash Growth Treatment contains the same solution.

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Who are Mylash?

We have been helping people grow eyelashes since we started in 2007. We have helped thousands of clients that are looking to grow their eyelashes with prescription strength treatments. Mylash offers an online service so that you can have the treatment delivered to your door but still under the supervision of a UK based doctor. We are the UK experts in eyelash enhancement and we are ready to help you grow your eyelashes. If you are looking to buy Latisse in the UK then we can help.

Dr Tom Walker

Dr Tom Walker

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The most common Latisse UK questions

How does Latisse work?

The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost which is a prostaglandin analogue. This means that it mimics a specific type of molecule which is found naturally in your body that regulates the growth of hair. When you apply it onto your eyeline it soaks into the hair follicle where it acts. This causes your eyelash to enter anagen, the growth phase of a hair, and grow a thicker hair than normal. Since the hair is thicker at the base it can support a longer hair and the increased size will make each hair appear darker.

Is Latisse available in the UK?

Yes. Mylash is a complete solution from the experts in eyelash growth.

What results can I achieve with Latisse?

The FDA trial in American for the approval of Latisse found that the eyelashes were on average 106% thicker, 25% longer and 18% darker than before.

How long before I see results from Latisse?

Most Latisse UK users see results within 4 weeks but the best results take 16 weeks to appear. This is because the growth cycle for all of your eyelashes take 16 weeks on average to go through the growth phase.latisse hair cycle

How do I apply Latisse?

You apply the treatment once a day to the skin at the base of your eyelashes or eyebrows. We provide you with a precise applicator and instructions to apply it as accurately as possible. Our team has studied the application in detail and we want to help you get the best possible results. To do this we have found the most appropriate applicator to apply the treatment precisely to the follicle with minimal wastage and run off. Can you get Latisse in the UK with a better applicator – we do not think so!

Where can I buy Latisse in the UK?

You can order from our website and start growing longer eyelashes.

What happens if you stop using Latisse?

Over a period of 16 weeks your eyelashes would slowly return to their natural if you stopped the treatment. Some believe that the increased follicle size remains which causes the hairs to remain permanently larger. Unfortunately we have not seen independent clinical evidence to confirm this.

Is Mylash the same as Latisse?

Yes, it is!
The Mylash growth serum and Latisse is the same treatment – 0.03% bimatoprost applied to the eyelashes or eyebrows to make them grow.

How do I order Latisse in the UK?

To ensure that all our customers get the best possible treatment, we’ll ask you to complete our simple medical questionnaire. We only charge for payment if the treatment is suited to you, based on your responses. It is rare that we have to refuse treatment. The main reasons are for pregnancy or breast feeding. We would also not recommend the service to anyone who has had serious eye problems, such as uveitis or glaucoma.

How does the Latisse eyelash serum differ?

Latisse is the only clinically proven eyelash serum available. Other serums that are available act to nourish and condition the hair but only Latisse will grow your eyelash and eyebrow hair longer.

Can you find a Latisse lash serum UK supplier without a doctor?

No. You should always be reviewed by a doctor when using Latisse. With our service we will make sure that it is safe for you to use the Latisse eyelash serum as UK doctors will review your details to provide you with the advice to get the most from the treatment. If somewhere is offering the treatment without a doctor involved then it could be dangerous by providing a fake treatment.

If I stop using Latisse eyelash serum will my lashes shed?

No. You would not have a shed when starting or stopping Latisse. There are other hair treatments that may cause shedding but this

Can I buy Latisse in Boots?

No. The treatment is not available in Boots or other high street pharmacies.

I have had eyelid surgery – when can I start or restart?

We have an article on using Latisse after blepharoplasty which covers this.

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