Longer. Thicker. Darker.

The only clinically proven eyelash growth serum in the UK.

A medical approach

The Mylash Growth treatment is the only UK eyelash serum to have been proven in clinical trials to grow your lashes, and to be safe for contact with your eyes.

Other eyelash serums may contain untested chemicals that can interfere with processes like ovulation, and cause inflammation or fatigue, and which are not proven to result in growth. Mylash considers these serums to be unsafe for consumers.

How does Mylash work?

The Growth serum stimulates your eyelashes during the anagen phase of their growth cycle.

As a result, your eyelashes grow for a longer period of time, resulting in thicker, stronger, and longer lashes.

The Growth Serum contains a physiologically active molecule called bimatoprost, which is part of a class of biological molecules called a prostaglandin. These are a bit like hormones – a signal that your body uses to increase the growth of your eyelashes. This is the only molecule that has been proven to grow your eyelashes.

How do I use it?

For naturally longer, thicker and darker lashes, apply once every 24 hours. We recommend doing so in the evening, after taking off your makeup.

Apply the serum to the lash line using one of our applicators. We’ve designed our applicators for seamless, precise application, but if you want to see exactly what it looks like, you can watch this video.

We recommend you use our daytime Conditioner to support and protect your lashes as they grow.

See the results in as little as 4 weeks.

Ready to start your lash growth journey?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Works really well making my lashes long and darker

I’ve been using Mylash for some years now with great success. My lashes are really long and thicker. I stopped for a few months and my lashes went back to their original state, but have returned to their luscious state now I have started using it again.

Date of experience: 06 July 2023

-Anna Borg

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Excellent product

Excellent product.
I have been using Mylash for over ten years and can unreservedly recommend. I have tried cheaper versions but they are no comparison. My lashes are thin and sparse and this helps restore them to their healthiest optimum. Important to continue with regular use for optimum benefit.

Date of experience: 23 May 2023

-Mrs Hannay Klein

Rating: 5 out of 5.

10 years satisfied customer

I realise I have been using mylash for approximately 10 years. This product really works, but you do need to follow the advice which suggests daily application for at least 4 months, then an every-other-day application to maintain results. My natural lash propensity is for fairly short growth, but with mylash they are definitely longer and fuller. I would recommend; it is an expensive product but I think it’s worth it.

Date of experience: 10 March 2023